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“We care about our clients. You will get the best care with our staff. I promise to you.“
Margret Victor
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Long-Term Services
Our Long-Term Services offer contract discounts and premium services. And are MHCP Guaranteed.
Emergency Services
Last minute emergencies, Hospital visits or your primary caregiver doesn’t show. You can count us to take care of you.

About Our Caregivers

MHCP caregivers share a common attribute – a desire to work with older adults in a one-on-one setting. We thoroughly screen our caregivers for not only their technical skills but also their warmth, compassion and ability to communicate effectively.

Our Multi-Step Screening & Hiring Process

  1. Submit 4-page Application In-Person

  2. Conduct Initial Interview

  3. Written Competency Test

  4. Conduct Second Interview

  5. Perform Reference Checks

  6. Clear Fingerprinting & Criminal Background Check

  7. Clear for Hire

  8. Perform Hiring & Orientation Training

  9. Establish Care Level Rating I, II or III

Background Screening

Many home care organizations do only cursory background screenings. Some

perform none at all. Many do not spend the time and money to perform a

criminal background check.  Currently, Illinois law requiring them to doing so,

but we feel strongly that this is a necessary step in ensuring

the best quality caregivers available. Before employment, MHCP caregivers

are fingerprinted with the Department of Justice and we monitor their status

on an ongoing basis which allows us to be notified of any subsequent arrest.

Employed by MHCP

As a protection for our clients, all MHCP caregivers are employees and are not merely referred to you through an agency-style relationship. Why?

  1. First this provides the quality control over the services we provide.

  2. We adhere to the State of Illinois’s Dept. of Public Health which strictly regulates the wages, hours and working conditions of household occupations.

  3. We provide all Illinois Worker’s Compensation insurance to cover work related injuries for caregivers in your home.

  4. We provide unemployment insurance for our caregivers to protect our clients from being charged with back fees in the event a caregiver were to file for unemployment.

  5. We pay the employer portion of all federal, state and local taxes as well as withhold and file all of the relevant paperwork and monies to cover the employee’s compensation taxes.

The State of Illinois endeavors to ensure the protection of all workers within the state through these requirements and regulations. We take great pains to protect our clients from any violations of these regulations as a normal part of our premier care services.

Bonding & Insurance

As an extra measure of protection, all of our caregivers are insured for coverage related to any liability or theft that may arise related to care giving.

Tuberculosis Testing

Although not required by law, MHCP confirms that our caregivers have passed their tuberculosis screening tests performed by a physician or other qualified medical provider.